Personal Pilates Plus Instructors are among a small group of Classically Trained and Certified Pilates Teachers in the DFW Metroplex. Each has undergone at least one rigorous formal Pilates Certification program involving several hundred hours of Physiology and Anatomy study, Practical Education, observation of skilled, experienced Teachers and Apprenticeship with a Certifying Studio.Every instructor brings something unique to Personal Pilates Plus along with dedication, education and the ability to bring the amazing Pilates Work to your amazing body. Whether young or “seasoned”, fit or injured, strong or longing-to-be, we are well-equipped to help you achieve your PERSONAL BEST!


 _DSC4086 Dorothy Stewart, Owner
Dorothy Stewart has been a recognized Pilates teacher in the DFW community for over 20 years. She opened her own practice in 1998, expanding in 2003 to her current North Dallas location at Personal Pilates Plus. She was privileged to study with the First Generation of Pilates teachers in Dallas and had the unique experience of working with Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates’ Protégée) in 1996 and was among only three instructors to be personally passed for certification at a practical exam which Miss Kryzanowska conducted in Dallas at that time.Her history as an Instructor began at a young age when she started teaching Dance in 1972. She continued on with her formal Dance Career and Education as a Theater Arts Major at San Jose State University until at age 19, she was diagnosed with scoliosis, when she decided to give up dancing rather than undergo major spinal surgery and instead pursued a career in the fitness industry.

In 1992, she and her husband relocated to Dallas, where she began training in the Pilates Method. She has studied with Master Pilates Teacher Nationwide, including Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Sari Pace and Ron Fletcher, and conducted advanced teacher training workshops for local and national studios and the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research. She is Certified through the Pilates Institute (1995), the American Council on Exercise (ACE 1991), and is a Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner (2007).

She launched the Pilates Mat program for the Cooper Fitness Center in the 1990′s, growing the program from one class to eight-weekly classes within a few months. The program continued to flourish and she was the lead instructor for several years until she moved on to create Personal Pilates Plus.

Dorothy also has a Yoga practice, loving the personal benefits of Yoga as well as its complementary role with Pilates. She has taken Teacher Training Courses with Shiva Rea, John Friend (Anusara Yoga) and YogaFit Levels 1 and 2. She later added the practice of Thai Yoga Body Work to her repertoire.

The successful practice of Pilates will enable you to experience the Joy of Movement in whatever form that takes for you! Dorothy’s Clients enjoy her ability to tailor the Pilates Work to specific goals, needs, injuries, fitness levels and individual style, making the Pilates Work enjoyable, accessible, effective and fun!


 _DSC4098 Emily Chiste
Emily Chiste’s path to Dance and Fitness Education started at a young age. Growing up in Memphis, she began her formal training in a diverse range of dance styles, primarily Classical Ballet and also Jazz, Modern and others. She later added Cheerleading to her repertoire. Dance and physical fitness as a means of maintaining vibrant health have been of primary importance her entire life.While attending SMU to earn her BA in Marketing, she continued to supplement her scholastic studies with training in Dance, never losing her connection to and love of movement.After graduation Emily began her Career working in Event Planning for Nieman Marcus. In 2001, she took a position as a Pharmaceutical Representative and in her seven years with Merck and Co., applied her considerable marketing and people skills to grow a very successful business.

After marrying and starting her family she realized that while she did not miss her business life, she yearned to expand and diversify her study of movement. After taking a few group equipment classes at a Pilates-based Studio, she was invited to become an Instructor. Intrigued by the potential of Pilates-based exercise, she decided to go directly to the source and sought out a traditional Pilates training program in Dallas. After a year of study, hundreds of hours of both observation of teachers and her own internship, Emily completed her Balanced Body University Pilates Certification, through Karen Sanzo, Certifying Instructor.

Emily is thrilled to be a member of the small group of traditionally trained and Certified Pilates Instructors in the DFW Metroplex. She has the training, understanding and qualifications to teach individuals according to the original intention of the Pilates Method.

Emily’s clients are delighted by her creativity, attention to detail and ability to adapt workouts and exercises to those with an array of injuries, physical and movement challenges as well as those looking for a “killer” workout!


_DSC3774 We Train
Runners…Ballet Dancers…Spinal Issues…Arthritis…Back Pain…Spine Issues…Athletes…Chronic Fatigue…Ice Skaters…Core Boot Camp… Fibromyalgia… Triathletes…Injuries… Physical Rehab… MS…Osteoporosis… Flexibility…Strength…Weight Issues… Abdominals… Balance… TRX… BOSU…Core Stability…Seniors age 65, 70, 80 plus…teens…and More!